The Glenturret X Oyster Yachts

The Glenturret X Oyster Yachts

We are delighted to today reveal The Glenturret and Oyster Yachts are joining forces with a global partnership focused on handcrafted luxury. United by a dedication to excellence, craftmanship and passion in their respective fields, the two brands will unite to enrich the experience of Oyster owners globally.

Central to this is The Glenturret 12 Years Old Oyster Yachts Edition, which will be gifted to each new Oyster owner. The eye-catching signature Glenturret brand bottle will be displayed in each new yacht; the individual bottles will be hand presented to new owners by Oyster when they take delivery of their yacht.

The Glenturret 12 Years Old, crafted by renowned Whisky Maker Bob Dalgarno, has become extremely popular since its launch in 2020 and sits proudly at the heart of The Glenturret’s Core Range. Created by carefully selecting fewer than 60 casks, and crafted by hand, American oak Hogshead casks drive a dessert-like sweetness in the elegant liquid, whilst European oak layers the dried fruits and spices leading to a full, rich single malt.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Oyster Yachts are handcrafted in the UK and renowned worldwide as award-winning bluewater, go-anywhere, adventure sailing yachts. With a starting price of over £1.3m, every boat is built to order – in sizes that range from 50 foot to 90 foot – enabling the owners and Oyster to work closely together to enable unique and personal features to be incorporated during the build period.

“Like a hand-crafted whisky, as much care and attention goes into the design, build and finish of every single Oyster Yacht,” says CEO Ashley Highfield. “This is why the synergy between Oyster Yachts and The Glenturret works so well.”

John Laurie, Managing Director of The Glenturret comments “We’re very proud and humbled to be partnering with such a beautiful brand as Oyster Yachts - just like our whisky, the yachts are all hand-made in Britain by craftsmen and women who are passionate about what they do, and very good at it too! We can see lots of synergies between both brands and are looking forward to growing our partnership in the coming years.”

Alongside the whisky, Oyster Yacht owners will also have the opportunity to visit The Glenturret distillery in Crieff, with behind-the-scenes access to the traditional dunnage warehouses and a dining experience at the Michelin-starred The Glenturret Lalique Restaurant.


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