Celebrating Generations of The Glenturret

Celebrating Generations of The Glenturret

From Grandfather to Granddaughter

This Father’s Day we are celebrating the connection between our distillery and different generations of the same families which have worked here.

Shannon joined our café team last July and has been brought up on the tales her grandfather Ian would tell her of when he used to be the Game Keeper at the Glenturret estate. Ian worked on the estate for more than 30 years and would typically pick guests up at the distillery to take them out shooting, finishing up at the end of the day with a dram of his favourite Glenturret whisky.

Over the years Ian has seen the distillery go through many changes and he still loves to come and visit. Just last week, Ian, Shannon, and her family came for dinner in our Michelin starred Lalique restaurant and even though it may be different from when he worked here, the distillery still feels like home.

A Sense Of Pride

Whisky is all about creating memories and evoking emotions and as part of our Father’s Day series, we are exploring the relationship between The Glenturret whisky and how it connects different generations of the same family.

Below our Brand Ambassador Jamie Morrison tells us how The Glenturret whisky strengthened the bond between himself and his late grandfather.

“My late grandfather, forever to me as auld Jock was a huge lover of whisky and all things Glenturret. When I began working at the distillery in 2015, he and I would sit and chat about the production, the history of the place (which he loved) and most importantly which bottle he wanted to buy next. Always with a caveat that he wanted a wee taste first!

He visited the distillery regularly and every time I saw the happiness on his face. I think looking back now, his smile showed a huge sense of pride that I worked here, which also made him purchase pretty much everything we’ve released in the last seven years.

He loved talking about The Glenturret to anyone who would listen. I think he most enjoyed our Glenturret 30 Years Old, often commenting that it was “awesome” and that he wondered if there were any more samples going, he had great taste in whisky, that’s for sure.

A legendary gentleman, The Glenturret brought us closer together and created some amazing moments for us, these memories will remain with me forever and I will be toasting a dram to him this Father’s Day.”

Three Generations

Our final Father’s Day series comes from Production Operator Ian Smith who shares his story with us, three generations working at The Glenturret Distillery.

“My Father, Harry, started his position at The Glenturret Distillery as a maintenance man in 1997. His passion was looking after the flowers, and he especially enjoyed creating magnificent displays with the begonias which he was often complimented on.

I have always been proud of my dad, he worked extremely hard at the distillery and was even awarded Edrington’s Chairman’s Award. When he retired in 2010, I joined the distillery to take over his role and have since completed my qualifications to become a Production Operator.

In 2018 my son Kieran joined the team on a 6-month temporary contract as Production Operator before pursuing his career in HR. Kieran agrees that his experience at the distillery was special in many ways, as it’s one shared with both his dad and grandfather.”


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