51%vol, Natural in Colour and Non-Chill-Filtered

Manager’s Dram:
Release No.2

Respecting the traditional values and skills which have been passed down through the decades has always been the focus at The Glenturret. Of course, many changes happen over time: processes, machinery, source of ingredients, volumes, and even ownership. Undoubtedly these influences all help shape the character of the whisky, but we understand the most important contributing factor is the people. As long as there is always a strong thread of invested, skilled people passing their knowledge down to the next generation, the footprint of The Glenturret will always stay constant.

To celebrate and honour these custodians of The Glenturret, Manager’s Dram Release No. 2 has been created from a small batch of casks spanning many years. This whisky has predominantly matured in European oak sherry casks, with hints of American oak and mellow peat, giving you a moment to reflect on the work of those craftspeople who have gone before. Although this 2nd release is a very different expression to the
first, there is a familiar character that I hope you recognise in the glass.

“We call it MANAGER’S DRAM, but it’s yours to enjoy.”


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