53%vol, Natural in Colour and Non-Chill-Filtered

Manager’s Dram:
Release No.1

Manager’s Dram has been lovingly crafted from three casks exclusively selected by our Distillery Manager, Ian Renwick. In his 25 years at the distillery, Ian has always been an integral part of our production team. Drawing on his wealth of knowledge and experience, Ian now holds responsibility for the creation of every drop of our New Make Spirit through to the Warehousing and bottling of our Single Malt.

In 2009, Ian pioneered the production of our peated spirit, Ruadh Moar. Combined with our long fermentation and slow distillation, Ruadh Moar has a distinctive sweet, peated quality full of citrus, orange and toffee apple notes.

Ian’s involvement in producing peated spirit and his personal love for “sweet peated” whiskies, has inspired him to create the first of a series of Single Malts that celebrate his whisky journey at Scotland’s Oldest Working Distillery.

We call it MANAGER’S DRAM, but it’s yours to enjoy.


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