Our extraordinary provenance is founded upon the long history of this special place, the endeavours of past generations, and the unique character of the new make spirit that still defines The Glenturret today. New make spirit is the foundation of all our whisky expressions at The Glenturret, past and present. The importance of working with that spirit, never against, paying respect to the distillery and the craftsmen is imperative to the maturation of our whiskies. @Leica_UK @teddwane


Our traditional prowess is built upon the skills and expertise of handcrafted distilling an unusually slow distillation, and a resolute commitment to maintain our small batch production of our spirit. Our exceptionally scarce stocks of older maturing whisky highlight the small batch production of our distillery and The Glenturret ethos of quality over quantity. We work closely with our cask partners to ensure they understand our values and provide us with only the very best possible quality casks. '@Leica_UK @chrismaas


Our enduring passion reflects a continuing fascination with the traditions of distilling, delight in every step of the Whisky Making journey, and our desire to bring whisky lover’s moments to treasure. Charlie Wilson is one of the longest-standing members of the team. Charlie started as a barman and has an outstanding knowledge of whisky. He has charm and warmth in abundance and his passion for delivering exceptional experiences for guests is never ending. A “Charlie Tour” is well known around the site as being an exceptionally long tour that runs well over the hour it’s scheduled to! Charlie imparts so much of his knowledge in an understandable and fun way on every one of his tours. Visitors will never leave a tour with Charlie without having every question answered! @Leica_UK @chrismaas


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