FLY’S 16 MASTERS EDITION 70cl 44% vol

International Spirits Challenge 2017 SILVER Winner

Limited Edition – 1740 bottles

Presented in a handmade tweed gift bag

A photo, unearthed from the back of a cupboard at Scotland’s oldest working whisky distillery, dating from 1905 and featuring 16 stillmen, along with a collie dog, has provided the inspiration for this limited edition bottling.

The 16 stillmen formed the backbone to Glenturret Distillery and the dog, Fly, belonged to the distillery manager who lived in a house on the distillery premises in Crieff, Perthshire.

Glenturret prides itself on its original, artisanal whisky making, and the fact that mashing is still done by hand – exactly as it would have been done in 1905. The year 1905 is also significant because it was the year that the first legal definition of whisky was declared by a magistrate’s court in London.

“By hand and by heart”, it’s the only way to create our unique whisky.


Appearance: Warm in your belly sun kissed amber hue
Aroma: Lightly perfumed, citric, newly cut flowers, hints of marzipan, old leather, popcorn
Taste: Long & lingering, mature fruit notes, black cherries, mocha coffee maybe even espresso
Finish: Vibrant, well-aged, good balance, easy to drink


Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible Liquid Gold Award 2017

The Glenturret Fly’s 16 Masters Edition db (96)

Nosing: 24.5

Mag-nif-i-cent…!! Unmistakably Glenturret with its genteel intertwangling of ulmo honey, Malteser-type barley, barely visible spice, that unmistakable coppery backbone of sharpness, which mingle well with that squeeze of lime, and seriously high class vanilla from the oak: one of the noses of the year!

Tasting: 24

Slightly lightweight at first, then builds and builds in intensity. Also, the oils gather thickening with the ulmo honey and a few more bitter strands of oak;

Finish: 23.5

Delightful Scottish Malts mocha and Walnut Whip fondant. The spice buzz is so teasing it is ridiculous. The copper also reminds you it is still around;

Bottling: 24.5liquid-gold-96

When I first found Glenturret some 30 years so ago, their whisky was exceptionally rare – on account of their size and having been closed for a very long time – but the few bottlings they produced had a very distinctive, indeed unique, feel. Then it changed as they used more Highland Distillers sherry butts which were, frankly, the kiss of death. Here, though, we appear to have reverted back to exactly how it tasted half a lifetime ago. Rich, kissed with copper and stirred with honey.

It is, as is fitting to old Fly, the dog’s bollocks…

44%. 1,740 bottles.