Pancake Day at Glenturret Distillery

We won’t lie, there’s not much that we won’t try and combine with whisky! There’s always a little bit of trial and error but more often than not we end up with some pretty winning combinations, and this whisky sauce recipe is no exception to that.

Pancake Day was just around the corner, so we trotted on up to our amazing chefs and asked them to create something delicious with our Peated Edition Glenturret that we could jazz up some pancakes with. They didn’t disappoint!

To balance the smokiness of the peat, they decided to combine the whisky with maple syrup, resulting in a gorgeous sweet sauce with just the right amount of kick.
Pour this over your pancakes, sprinkle on some smoked bacon, and you’ve got yourself the perfect pancake day!

To make your own Glenturret Peated Whisky Sauce follow the recipe below:

100ml Grade A Maple Syrup
25ml Glenturret Peated Edition

Pour both liquids into a small pot
Bring to simmer and allow to simmer for 5 minutes
Allow to cool slightly before pouring on your pancakes!

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