Peated Drummond has left the building

Our first ever single cask, all peat edition ‘Peated Drummond’ has just sold out.

This gorgeous wee dram was first filled into a refill hogshead cask on the 25th of March 2009. The spirit is 100% Ruadh Maor Glenturret and was 8 years old. Cask #100 is the first edition to feature 100% fully peated Glenturret at cask strength of 58.9% and was therefore a sought after, highly collectable dram. Peated Drummond was the first new bottling to officially be signed by our new Distillery Manager Ian Renwick, who was kept very busy hand signing all of the bottles for us.

John and Hugh Drummond established a historical agreement with the Ochtertyre estate to dig peat to fuel the fires to dry their barley for Glenturret and therefore Peated Drummond is a fitting tribute to our historical connection with peated whisky.

all 315 bottles have found their new home and given this dram is partucularly good were pretty sure most of those 315 bottles have been consumed as they were intended.

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