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As Scotland’s oldest working distillery, Glenturret’s history is a rich and fascinating record of exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to tradition, By Hand & By Heart, that shines as brightly in 2016 as it did over two centuries ago.  There’s plenty tales to tell, from legendary stories of illicit stills in the 1700s to the adventures of today’s talented distillery stillmen. Let’s start with a soft fluffy ‘tail’ about one of the most famous legends of all, and her fitting feline legacy…picture by fraser band 07984 163 256  The Famous Grouse Experience, Crieff.

Following in the pawsteps of a legend

We are sure many of you avid whisky enthusiasts have visited distilleries all over the land. And, we’re positive you’ll have a fair idea of the personnel that it takes to run a distillery to produce the finest malts to savour. Let’s see… There’s distillery hosts, shop assistants, a general manager. Oh, and, of course the all-important stillmen. But, how many distilleries have a mouser on the books?

Well, Glenturret Distillery doesn’t have one mouser. They have two…

Introducing the cute, fluffy and formidably dynamic duo, aptly named Glen and Turret. These diminutive new recruits joined the distillery team in 2015. Turret first, last summer, then Glen in the autumn. They have made themselves at home inside the distillery, positioned perfectly to greet visitors as they make their way around the Distillery Experience tour.

As well as keeping the mice population (outdoors obviously) at bay, Glen and Turret have become honorary members of the distillery’s five star customer service team, charming visitors into getting a tickle behind the ear at every opportunity. They have also been taken under the capable wings of Glenturret’s five stillmen, who feed and look after them.

Stillman Kenny has struck up a particularly sweet friendship with Turret. Kenny carries a stash of ‘Dreamies’ for the cats and is often seen with his tabby pal perched on his shoulder.

As Glen and Turret settle into their new roles, they are following in the ‘pawsteps’ of a legendary mouser. One puss that has gone down in history as the most prolific mouser of all time. The formidable Towser.

Born in 1963, Towser lived her days as the resident mouser at Glenturret patrolling the site ready to pounce on any unsuspecting mouse shaped threats. In her 24 years (that’s a whopping 112 in cat years), Towser the Mouser broke records by catching a staggering 28,899 mice earning herself a place in history as the world’s most successful mouser. Glen and Turret, take note!

When Towser passed away in 1987, she was immortalised with a permanent statue honouring her achievements which has pride of place overlooking her stomping ground. Her statue is admired by visitors from all over the world. A fitting legacy for one of Glenturret’s true characters.

As you can tell, we’re a tad fond of Towser, so our dynamic duo certainly do have some large, hardy paws to follow into their new mouser status. But, Glen and Turret have each other to lean on, something that was important to us. We wouldn’t want them getting lonely when the lights go off and our stillmen go home at night.They may still be a bit wet behind the ears, but our novice mousers are making waves at Glenturret and have quickly become almost as appealing as our exceptional whiskies! Well, almost…

Like all you whisky lovers, they know a dram good whisky when they see it. We asked Turret to select our Dram of the Month and, as you’ll see from our photo, he chose The Glenturret Sherry Edition. Matured in Spanish and American oak sherry seasoned casks our Sherry Edition offers a sweet aroma, spicy taste and finish.

Cheers (or meow in cat language)!

To find out more about our Dram of the Month, The Glenturret Sherry Edition, click here.

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